How Peck Brothers Started

How Peck Brothers Started

Turning A Legacy Into A Business 

It all began well before any of us can really remember. Ever since we were little kids we have been obsessed with anything that had to do with Jeeps, trucks, dirt bikes, four wheelers and pretty much anything of that same nature! One of Brady's first words was "wheeler". Cayleb's very first trail in a jeep was at 3 months old. We truly did grow up in the back seat of a jeep:


Here is one of Brady's first Jeeps: (2009)

It was an old CJ7, there wasn't a single body panel that wasn't rusted through completely lol. But it had a set of ARB Dana 44's


Here is Alex's Very first jeep: (2012)


Here is Cayleb First jeep: (2014)


What happened is pretty simple, Dad always had a jeep:

Dad got his first Jeep shortly after he married mom. Dad got into it because grandpa (mom's dad) had a jeep along with just about very one in their family(including extended family), and they'd had them for YEARS, since the very first Willys jeep's came out.

Since Dad had one, Brady had to have one. And because they both had one, Alex had to get one. And because those three had one Cayleb had to get one lol. 

Between all of us we went through over 100 jeeps, buying fixing and selling. The full story couldn't fit inside of an encyclopedia lol. But there were some Jeep's that were very influential to each of us. 

Brady's first ground up build: (2012)

Alex's first Jeep with 1 ton axles {Apollo}: (2015)

Cayleb's first ground up build {The Spartan}: (2018)

The 2 Jeep's Alex was heavily involved building for Sema:

The first (Grey JK) for Teraflex (2015). The second (Red LJ) for JW Speaker (2016) ^^

We have been in and around Jeep's and Off-Road our entire lives. Our mom always told us we needed to start videoing what we were doing for years and years. Well the idea finally stuck and on May, 1st of 2019 we started our Instagram account and posted our very first video. And on May, 30th of 2019 we posted our very first Youtube video. (Peck Brothers on Pritchett Canyon) if you click on that video and watch, we know, we had a long ways to go 😂😂.

Well in the same year (2019) Cayleb graduated and left on a mission. Things just slowed down, it got tough to find time because of how broke everyone was lol. Well with all of the crap with covid happening Cayleb came home from his mission and the jeep flame was fired back up, once again. 

Cayleb sold his jeep (2020):

With big plans for his new jeep:

If you want to read about this jeep build click here

At this point we all had Jeep's and started getting into the content creation again and dropped our first couple real videos: 

(Peck Brothers Road Trip Episode 1)

(Peck Brothers Episode 2 Part 1 )

(Trail Hero 2020 FT Josh Rolling Over)

After this we felt like we were getting pretty confident behind the camera, but non of us knew what we were actually doing. No direction or idea of what the videos where supposed to look like. 

Things slowed down again to a here and there video and a here and there post on instagram. 

I (Cayleb) got married August of 2021 

We all went on, without giving the idea the attention It needed. 

Until January 3rd 2022......

I was working for Brady (building houses). Working alone in this 10,000 square ft. house. Sanding base molding. There was about 500 pieces and each one had to be sanded by hand. Dead middle of his jeep build. And something switched inside. Listing to a motivational video from Denzel Washington. In the video Denzel told of a situation: "Picture yourself on your death bed, and standing around your death bed are the ghosts representing your unfulfilled potential. The ghost of the ideas you never acted upon.The ghost of the talents you didn't use. And they're standing around your bed, angry, disappointed, and upset. They say, "we came to you, because you could have brought us to life," they say. "And now we have to go to the grave together." So I ask you, how many ghosts are gonna be around your bed when your time comes?" 

Video Here He starts this part at 4:45 

It hit like a freight train that the dream and idea of doing what we love every day, making a living from it and sharing it with the world, had to happen. 

The next day I showed up the a camera at the job site and created:

(Peck Brothers-Day In The Life)

And since then we have done at least 1 video each week, sometime weeks 2. And while I write this as of June 28th 2022 we have grown YouTube Channel from 184 subscribers (January 4th 2022) to now 3,055 subscribers (June 28th 2022) We grew by over 1500% and gained over 2,800 subscribers in 6 months.

The amount of blood sweat and tears that has gone into learning how to film, learning how to edit, paying for laptops, setting up the business, and creating content, few will ever know. It has been an absolute grind for 6 months. Sacrificing so much for a dream we believe in.

We are now beginning to work with sponsors and we are on the road to jeeping full time. 

All because we did not and will not give up. We hope our story inspires whoever is reading this to know: What you're interested in and what you love is no accident. Don't. Stop.

Thank you for reading, we so appreciate your interest and all who invest their time in us. -Cayleb Peck 















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